The Immediate Need for Poetry
by Eli Siegel

Quintillions by Robert Clairmont (2005)
Introduction by Ellen Reiss

New York Begins Poetically: A Lecture by Eli Siegel
Reported by Barbara Buehler and John Stern

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Poems about New York

Eli Siegel

Somewhere This
Local Stop, Sheridan Square
And There Prevail
Love Lurches Along
Heaven for the Landlord: or, Forthwith Understands
'Tis Loveliness, Sir
Discouraged People

Ocean, Mr., Mrs. Blink

Sunlight in Slush, in Puddles, and in Wet Municipal Surfaces;      or, Miracle on Eighth Avenue below Fourteenth Street
New York Is Of, in More Than One Way
Hymn to Fourth Avenue
Photography Includes Time and History, and New York
Tea Transforms Lecture and Snow

Martha Baird

Balzac in Bloomingdale's
Man and Nature in New York and Kansas
When The Gas Burner Lights

Ellen Reiss

Welcome Your Confusion as a Guest
July is Relevantly Busy
New York Pigeons
The Shadows, Black

Louis Dienes

Lunch Hour in New York
Roller Coasting
The Overcast Day
Energy of New York
Photography and the Actual World

Robert Clairmont

O There Were Big Red Buildings
      Somewhere in My Childhood

Tall Buildings in Four O'Clock Streets
Ocean Greyhounds
These Ever Just So Six Million New York
      Hearts and Dorothy

How Pretty Girls Are
Mr. Allen
I an Organism Here in Lower Six
The Tan Suit Person and Importance in New York
To Sylvia on Going Through the P.R.R. Hudson Tubes
N.Y. Harbor: Sunday Evening
Aged Millionaire Dies as Body Crashes Car
And I will Be a Blackness on a Little Square of Gold
Beautiful Long Blond Hair Legend       

Sheldon Kranz

Pigeons and Men in Tight Blue Suits
Schoolyard at Dusk

Anna Hempstead Branch New York at Sunrise

Edna St.Vincent Millay Recuerdo
City Trees

Walt Whitman Crossing Brooklyn Ferry

Hart Crane To Brooklyn Bridge

Rebecca Fein

The "Fox" Sign on top of the Fox Building
Fresh Falling Snow

Karen Van Outryve The Red Sun