Aesthetic Realism Looks at New York City: Poetry



Robert Clairmont



Mr. Allen is an animal.
His voice is an after-effect of ether and goes like this, "Hnyuh...
Mr. Allen is seen on the streets of New York, New York: he hates the        subways and uses elevateds.
Mr. Allen would look odd emerging from a Pennsylvania forest in
      March: his "hnyuh...hnyuh...hnyuh," would sound human
      and terrible.
Mr. Allen has never been in Pennsylvania.
Although Mr. Allen's hnyuh...hnyuh...hnyuh would be fearful in a      Pennsylvania forest in March, it is lost in the noises when he sits
     on the top of an omnibus in New York, New York.
In no way could Mr. Allen be considered eternal in a drawing-room.
Mr. Allen should go to Pennsylvania and live in a forest.


From Quintillions (NY: American Sunbeam Publisher, 2005)