Aesthetic Realism Looks at New York City: Poetry



Sheldon Kranz


Pigeons and Men in Tight Blue Suits

I think the pigeons are friendly,
Although they strut by without a glance;
And I think the man in the tight blue suit is friendly,
Although he does not smile
And hides behind his paper.
Pigeons and men in tight blue suits
Can walk with us on shady streets,
Sit easily at dinner with us,
Smoke our cigarettes and wish us well,
If we only call to them,
Remembering that pigeons and men in tight blue suits
Are not to be confused, even for a moment,
With nightingales in summer gardens,
Or with men who now wear fashionable pinstriped suits
In apartments high above the city.


From Personal & Impersonal (New York: Definition Press, 1959)